Why Q W Is A State Function?

What is meant by a state function?

A state function is a property describes a particular state, without depending on the path taken to reach this state.

In contrast, functions whose value depends on the path taken to get between two states are called path functions..

Is irreversible expansion work a state function?

The work is a function of the process taken and the energy is a function of the state. The change in energy happens to coincide with the work of the process for reversible adiabatic processes but not for irreversible ones as showcased by the example above.

Is WA a state function?

i)Q is heat of the system while w is the work done on or done by the system. Q and W both depend on the path so neither of them is a state function. Here U is internal energy of the system which is a state function. … It takes energy to break the bonds between the molecules or ions of the solute.

Is entropy a state function?

Since entropy is a state function, the entropy change of the system for an irreversible path is the same as for a reversible path between the same two states.

Is reversible work greater than irreversible work?

Since work done is integral of Pexternal×ΔV , work will be maximum Pinternal is almost equal to external pressure (using ideal gas rule) . And as the condition completely exists in reversible case, Reversible process has greater work done than irreversible process.

Is QW a state function?

This is total energy called internal energy E = q+w. It is a state function as it depends on the intial and final state and independent of the path. The entropy of steam is more than that of water at its boiling point. … At the boiling point, both water and steam (water vapours) exist together and are in equilibrium.

Why pressure is a state function?

Pressure: Pressure is a measure of the average force exerted by the constituent molecules per unit area on the container walls. pressure does not depend on the path of the molecules and thus it is a state function.

Which of the following is not a state function?

Value of enthalpy, internal energy and entropy depend on state and not path followed, so they are state functions. Work is not state function because its value depends on path followed.

Why work done is not a state function?

State functions depend only on the state of the system, not on the path used to get to that state. … Heat and work are not state functions. Work can’t be a state function because it is proportional to the distance an object is moved, which depends on the path used to go from the initial to the final state.