What Does Bedaub Mean?

What accuracy means?

the condition or quality of being true, correct, or exact; freedom from error or defect; precision or exactness; correctness.

Chemistry, Physics.

the extent to which a given measurement agrees with the standard value for that measurement.

Compare precision (def.


What happens synonym?

In this page you can discover 64 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for happen, like: occur, happen, ensue, take-place, come face to face with, materialize, stumble-upon, come about, repeat, supervene and be found.

What does the word Bedaub mean?

verb (used with object) to smear all over; besmear; soil. to ornament gaudily or excessively.

What does Bedizen mean?

transitive verb. : to dress or adorn gaudily.

What’s the meaning of bedraggled?

1 : soiled and stained by or as if by trailing in mud. 2 : left wet and limp by or as if by rain. 3 : dilapidated bedraggled buildings.

What does Furbelow mean?

1 : a pleated or gathered piece of material especially : a flounce on women’s clothing. 2 : something that suggests a furbelow especially in being showy or superfluous. Other Words from furbelow Synonyms Example Sentences Learn More about furbelow.

What does gaudily mean?

adjective, gaud·i·er, gaud·i·est. brilliantly or excessively showy: gaudy plumage. cheaply showy in a tasteless way; flashy. ostentatiously ornamented; garish.

How do you use besmirch in a sentence?

Besmirch in a Sentence 🔉If the opposing candidate for homecoming queen gets her hands on my nude pictures, she will use them to besmirch my character. … Because Gail wanted her supervisor’s job, she did everything in her power to besmirch the woman’s character.More items…

What is the meaning of Accurse?

: to consign to destruction, misery, or evil by a curse : anathematize —now used chiefly as past participlelooked upon her as a thing accursed— Charles Kingsley.

What does besmirch mean in English?

transitive verb. : to cause harm or damage to the purity, luster, or beauty of (something) : sully, soil besmirching her reputation High ideals were besmirched by cruelty and greed …—

What does to wean mean?

to accustom (a child or young animal) to food other than its mother’s milk; cause to lose the need to suckle or turn to the mother for food. to withdraw (a person, the affections, one’s dependency, etc.) from some object, habit, form of enjoyment, or the like: The need to reduce had weaned us from rich desserts.