Quick Answer: What Does Vet Mean?

How is vetting done?

Vetting usually begins after you have gone through an initial set of interviews.

It may include a prospective employer checking your credit references, verifying your professional licenses and certifications, tracking your employment history or looking for any prior convictions or jail time..

What does to vet someone mean?

Vetting is the process of performing a background check on someone before offering them employment, conferring an award, or doing fact-checking prior to making any decision.

What does it mean to vet a document?

vet (verb); vets; vetted; vetting. 1. To make a prior examination and critical analysis, or detailed evaluation, of a document, a line of action regarding someone or people, etc.: If something is vetted, it is checked carefully to make sure that it meets the requirements that government officials have established.

How do you use the word vet?

verb (used with object), vet·ted, vet·ting. to examine or treat in one’s capacity as a veterinarian or as a doctor. to appraise, verify, or check for accuracy, authenticity, validity, etc.: An expert vetted the manuscript before publication.

How do you contract a vet?

9 Best Practices on Contract Vetting1) Research. Before drafting, it is essential to get hold of the relevant laws applicable to the transaction. … 2) Check out the draft thoroughly. … 3) Definitions. … 4) Duties and Liabilities. … 5) Guarantees, Warranties, Indemnities, etc., … 6) Intellectual Property Rights. … 7) Dispute Resolution Method. … 8) Broader vision.More items…•

What does fully vetted mean?

The term fully vetted is used to describe a puppy or dog who was thoroughly evaluated by a veterinarian. … In general, a veterinarian should give new puppies a thorough physical examination; ideally within 48 hours of dog owners acquiring their new puppy, so to ensure he is healthy.

How do you use vet in a sentence?

Examples of vet in a Sentence Noun I have to take my dog to the vet. Verb They vetted her thoroughly before offering her the job. The book was vetted by several different editors. He’s already vetted the plan, so we can start right away.

Why is vetting necessary?

Companies use a vetting process to evaluate a candidate’s background and qualifications, and eliminate unqualified candidates from the pool of applicants. A vetting process allows companies to save both time and money by ensuring they minimize the amount of in-person interviews they conduct.

What does vet mean in slang?


What does it mean to vet data?

Vetting is the process of checking to assure the quality of the data we import into IFs. Even when data is imported through an automated application there could be errors or missing data in the imported series.

What is CV vetting?

It is the process of scrutinizing the CV of a student to lend factual authenticity to it. It aims at verifying the legitimacy of the CVs of the students and thus presenting only the vetted CVs to the recruiters. … We look forward to a fruitful CV Vetting exercise and solicit your cooperation for the same.

How do I become a vet vendor?

In that spirit, here are my six tips to help you vet your third-party vendors from a business continuity perspective:1) Establish a governance process. … 2) Identify your critical vendors. … 3) Assess the threats and risks facing the vendor. … 4) Pay them a visit. … 5) Get it in writing. … 6) Be proactive.More items…•